Good place for car drifting in the Bay Area?
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If one wanted to do a little under-the-radar skidding around, does anyone know of a large parking lot/paved area that's unused/unmonitored at certain hours or just abandoned (but not to the point of endangering tires with road hazards)? Asking for a friend who is about to replace their tires and wants to have a little fun with the old ones. ;) In San Francisco (ha), Peninsula, East Bay, North Bay (ha).... ?
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Please do it at the racetrack or somewhere legal/monitored. The actor from The Fast and the Furious literally died irl that way.
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The Craneway Pavilion in Richmond may work for you. I don't know the status of their night time monitoring. When I picked up people after a week-night conference, there was no security at the car entrance, nor any that I saw on patrol.
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For the second poster--thank you for your concern! This will be pretty tame drifting, and not at high speeds. I promise. :)
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Maybe check the Bay Area Autocross Forum - they have a drifting sub-thread and event information.
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Hadn't heard of the Sonoma drag racing, thanks! This post isn't about racing, just burning a little rubber in some corners...

Richmond is a very good suggestion, hmmm! It does seem like one of the last underdeveloped outposts around the Bay Area...
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Inflatable, thanks! Found this...
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The parking lot at the Legion of Honor in SF has been used frequently for this illegal activity, usually around 11pm-12am. Fun fact: if I hear you I'll be the one phoning the cops! Good luck.
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Just to clarify: the Sonoma Raceway drifting is held at the same time as the drag racing, but in a different area. It's about drifting. I've also been aware of drifting events up at Thunderhill.
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Hmm Thunderdrift may be defunct? Their website is dead...

Looks like Sonoma Drift is alive and kicking and $40 per car. Says amateurs are welcome; seems like a marked course. Challenge is tonight is the arrival of the "atmospheric river" lol and the new $$ tires (too $$ to burn up) are due to be put on next Wednesday after already being postponed... Hmm. Thanks for all the food for thought!
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I am not a drifter, but re the atmospheric river, it seems that wet pavement would make the tire aspect of the hobby cheaper....
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Straw, that is true, though it's always good to be able to see where one is driving... ;)
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i think if this question were just "where can i do a few burnouts / donuts" you'd get more suggestions, like pretty much every primarily industrial neighborhood that shuts down after hours. Especially particular areas of Oakland and Fremont.
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Also Craneway has one disadvantage: only one road in/out.
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[Heya, roxie110, just as a general thing it's better to avoid frequent followup responses in Ask; one or two clarifying or summarizing comments is fine but try to avoid responding tit-for-tat to answers going forward.]
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The rear parking lot at Golden Gate Fields (accessible from the Buchanan St. exit on 580) on nights when there's not an event is one of the best candidates that I know. There doesn't seem to be any night watchfolk, no obstructions, and there's a sandy part that makes low-speed traction loss even easier. That stretch of 580 is a traffic nightmare beyond all justification, but it shouldn't be too bad in the late evening around 9pm or after.

I think the notion that industrial neighborhoods in Oakland are a good place for even conservative rubber burning is optimistic. I live in one of those neighborhoods, and there just aren't large parking lots here that aren't enclosed by fences. That seems to be the case in San Leandro, too, but I can't speak for cities further south like Fremont.
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>Inflatable, thanks! Found this...

Forum thread linked to is from 2008.
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