I proclaim you... something.
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A close relative just died. My family asked me to write a “proclamation” to be read at her memorial. I’m confused. Help?

No family member can give me an example what they want. They say it should have “wheretos” and “therefores” and be “Shakespeare like.”

I’m not exactly sure what it is I’m supposed to be proclaiming. The proclamations I googled seem to be proclaiming that flags will be lowered. We have no such flag.

So. Can people help me think of things to proclaim? Give fancy sounding proclaimation examples? There’s already an obit, but I can highlight big accomplishments. 2-3 paragraphs should be plenty.
She founded a non profit, was in a sorority, was president of like 3 different charities and raised 3 great kids. She was wonderful.

Sorry if this question seems lazy, honestly I’m grieving too and just want to do this for my family.
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Best answer: Maybe they're talking about a funeral resolution? Tips on how to write one in the link.
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Best answer: It sounds like they might be confused and intending a Resolution, which is formal and contains fancy phrasing similar to what they mentioned. There are some for notable figures such as presidents that have been titled as Proclaimations of Death.

I also suspect that if they can't give an example, what they really want is a highly formal eulogy. At the very least, I'd try to clear up how long they want you to speak for.
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Response by poster: A resolution is exactly the ticket. Thanks all.
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