Translate the chorus of Yesterday's Mistakes by Oi Va Voi
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According to the internet, the chorus of Yesterday's Mistakes by Oi Va Voi is: Velifnei konech techinateinu hapili. Uvea’d amech. What does it mean?
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I am not Jewish nor do I speak Hebrew, so I do apologize if I've totally missed the mark. This question really piqued my curiosity and I did some googling.

According to page 119 of this pdf:
(Emphasis mine)

Midat harachamim aleinu hitgal-g’li,
v’lifnei konech t’chinatenu hapili,
uvad amech
rachamim sha-ali,
ki chol levav davai v’chol rosh lachali.

O Attribute of Mercy upon us flow over,
and before Your Creator our supplication cast,
on behalf of Your people request mercy,
for every heart is pained and every head is ill.
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I do speak Hebrew and this looks correct to me, although some of the structures are uncommon and unfamiliar to me.
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