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I don't understand sewing patterns but I'd like to. I need someone to show me exactly how to interpret the pattern and put together the piece. Is there a video, preferably on YouTube, that shows every step in detail of a specific sewing pattern? Has to be an item of clothing or a 3D object more complicated than a pillow. No generic patterns or generic instructions-- needs to be a pattern with a number than I can buy and sew along with.
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Try Professor Pincushion, here.
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I think what you're looking for is a "video sewalong," and they exist for all kinds of patterns (though probably more skewed towards "indie" patterns). I prefer the text-and-photo kinds of sewalongs, so I don't have any recommendations, but there are loads of them on YouTube (and googling will turn up some hosted elsewhere).
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Vanessa Vargas Wilson, aka the Crafty Gemini, did a full series sew along with a McCall’s top pattern. Intro video linked here. It’s a step by step series and she’s a very good instructor. Good luck and have fun!
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One of the hardest part about sewing clothes is getting the proper fit to your body. I like the Rational Dress Society coverall pattern and video sew along and they also have something like 200 gender free sizes. https://www.jumpsu.it

It’s a challenging pattern, but the videos are super informative and you’ll probably get a really good fit bc of their very extensive sizing.
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(For the record, I don't care if the garment I make is gendered. If I don't want it, I'll make it for someone else.)
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I really liked this video tutorial, because she shows you how to cut out your pattern rather than starting with cut pieces and only showing the sewing portion. It uses a current McCall's pattern. Have fun!
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There are also online paid classes that combine video of a particular pattern with a messageboard forum to get questions answered in. Craftsy does these; here are their current Beginner Garment classes. PatternReview does too, though I can't filter for beginning classes, so here they all are from Sewing Basics to designing your own jeans and fitting couture jackets.

I enjoy PatternReview -- it's very community-specific and run by a sewist* who used to be a database professional and whoo, those webpages are data-dense.
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Mimi G is known for teaching sewing by video. You can find sew-alongs on her youtube DIY tutorials playlist.
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