Recasting acrylic pen blanks
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I have some leftover bits of acrylic pen blanks. Can I melt and recast them?

There doesn't seem to be a lot of info online about the viability of melting acrylic pen blanks and recasting them. Is this possible? At what heat? I've never tried melting them before. I know I can put them all together and recast using resin, but I have some funky colours that I think will look really good if I can melt and pour them together. Even combine them with bits of wood.

Example blank
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Acrylic is a thermoplastic. So yes if they are acrylic.
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I asked on the PenAddict slack, and the consensus was that yeah, it'll probably work. Probably better if you know the materials you're using are similar, and maybe don't do it for customer work right off, but for funsies, yeah. Go for it.
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Thanks a lot!
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