Mardis Gras Float Name
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Heya. I need a good name for a Mardis Gras float. Obviously that's not till next year but submissions are due, time runs short, and we're still looking for a better name than No Pride In Climate Change

A rhyme would be nice but we want it to be snappy, maybe workable into chants. The No Pride In format is a must though, because there's other floats we're working with which follow that pattern, although with different themes (cops, Liberals, anti-sex worker, torture camps).

Literally the only ideas so far:

No Pride In Climate Change
No Pride In 2C
No Pride In a Planet Fried

So yeah, just those three. It seems pitiful, we'll go with Climate Change if need be but I would also really appreciate it if anyone had any good suggestions. No Pride In Genocide is an example of a float name that I think is good, although something less dour might also be worth considering.

Oh and I don't have final say or anything, there's a couple of others to consult, but we are not coming up with much ourselves, so I thought I'd try my luck here. So, please help me find a name that rolls of the tongue better than the clunky "Climate Change"! Ta.
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No Pride in Our Place (a play off “pride of place”)

Honestly, this might be easier if I knew which parade this was for, but I’m sure you can’t say...
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No Pride in Rising Tides
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No Pride in Ecocide (or Eco-Suicide, if the former seems too difficult to parse, or Planetary Suicide is longer but has a nice rhythm).
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It's not a secret or anything? Sorry, I should have said it's the Sydney Mardis Gras parade, down Oxford Street, I think 2nd March, and the float "creative concept" is climate change.
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No Pride in Climate Change Denied feels a little less clunky.
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To build on solotoro’s Eco-Suicide: No Pride in Fueling Eco-Suicide.
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Only a sorta rhyme, but No Pride In Melting Ice?
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No Pride in Climate (Temperatures?) Gone Wild
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No Pride in Mining? Or No Pride in Mines? (If I'm right that the CC debate in Australia is heavily linked to your mining industry).

No Pride if the Planet Fries?
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No Pride In Death Worldwide
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Hey, thanks everyone for the lovely ideas, we'll have decided on one within 25 hours time and I'll let y'all know which but they are all great, and I think it'll definitely be one of these as opposed to our ideas, so thanks again and have a good one
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For practical reasons and concerns around messaging we've gone with Climate Change as the formal name but by and large everyone loves Riding Tide so hopefully that'll be what we actually march under. Thanks again everyone :)
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