Seeking Pro Tip for Venice Film Festival
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Hey all, this is a question about purchasing same-day tickets to screenings at the Venice Film Festival.

So, I've been to the Festival once before, in 2006, and I'm considering going again this year. Back then, I purchased a "subscription" (like a season ticket for a particular venue at a particular time of day) in advance, but once at the festival, I learned that a small quantity of reserved tickets was put on sale every morning at 6:00 am (if memory serves) at a ticket office in Venezia itself, not on the Lido. (I told a friend I had met there about this, and he went there the morning of the festival's hottest screening and scored a ticket. I also bought a ticket or two that way myself.)
So my question is, does anyone know if this policy is still in place? And if so, the location of this ticket office? Many thanks in advance.
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