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I am getting a new bike. I don't have the space for both. What can I do with old, damaged, missing front wheel bike?

Old bike had its front wheel stolen. Old bike also has a lot of rust damage on the chain and the back tire doesn't pump up. If it was in good shape, I could probably donate or sell but it's not.

I live in a decent area apartment complex. I can't just leave it curbside.
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Got a community bike co-op near you? They can generally use parts of all sorts and accept donations if there's space available.
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Old bike also has a lot of rust damage on the chain and the back tire doesn't pump up

These are things that are very easy fixes for a donation recipient -- by all means, donate it to some org like Bikes Not Bombs.
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Plenty of cities have places where you can donate your bike and they will repair it and give it to a good home. To be honest, a missing front wheel, rusty chain, and flat rear tire aren't that bad. Chains are $15, patching an innertube is about $1 and 5 minutes of effort, and co-ops are likely going to have spare front wheels lying around that will match.
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In my city, I can take it to the dump and an organization will pick it up and use it for parts or fix it.
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If it were mine I would lean it on the tree in my front yard and tape a "FREE" sign on it. It would be gone in 20 minutes.
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How did I not read your last sentence?
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If you can't find a bike co-op or similar that will take it, try your local Freecycle/Trash Nothing/Buy Nothing or the "Free" section of Craigslist. Rusty chain and flat tire is no problem at all, and the missing front wheel is replaceable.
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Nthing your local Buy Nothing/Freecycle group. Someone will jump at this.

However, I'd also be honest about the condition, and attach a pic if possible, so people know what they're getting into.
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Working Bikes in the Chicago area would probably take it. Assuming you're elsewhere, you could ask them if they know anyone local to you.
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If you just put it at the curb, 99% chance it's going for scrap. If you'd rather have it actually be fixed up and reused, just google "[your city] bicycle donation" and a bunch of places should come up.
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I would try listing it on freegle or freecycle to see if someone wants it
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Guess I'm kinda trashy, but if your area is dense enough to have apartment buildings and get front wheels stolen, it's dense enough to walk the bike half a block and disappear it from someone else's curbside.
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