Examples of block lettering for work and play.
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Where can I find examples of nice looking "fonts" for writing by hand, in block letters? Script?

Motivated by this question.

I want better handwriting for myself, but am lacking in ideas (which is why I suck at writing in the first place). Please help by linking to any examples of highly legible, neat/tidy, and hopefully cool writing. I'm looking specifically for block lettering, but script/cursif is welcome too, just for kicks. Something that would work well on the job / for keeping records of meetings and conversations and writing letters would be great. Preferably online and printable, but a book full would be great too. Thanks, askmefi!
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Response by poster: (by "block" I just mean non-script, unconnected letters - not all caps.)
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Lettering for Architects and Designers can get you started if you're willing to shell out for a book. There are lots of used copies floating around, so I'm sure you can pick it up from some place cheaper than Amazon. I use humanist bookhand when I am making an effort to look nice, but it can be a little slow -- that book has good advice for making nice clean letters with a pencil or normal pen.
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You could look at Blambot for some models (pick the best of the free fonts). They're designed for comic book lettering, but that's essentially "really nice block letters" geared toward readability.
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Google for Manfred Klein. He has many, many highg quality free fonts ...
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A better link.
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I've always been a big fan of DaFont for all my specialty free/shareware font needs. If you look in the Script section, you'll find a lot of handwritten-style fonts, both cursive and print.

Blambot, mentioned above, is also a great, great site. Support them however you can!
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Something like this? (pdf) Or, if you're into paleography, opoflist">this?
Copybooks with examples of hands from various countries.
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