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I have a boyfriend. I wish to knit a pair of socks for this boyfriend. Help me find the right pattern!

My boyfriend is an extremely conservative dresser. He wears black socks. Period. I have obtained some lovely-feeling, nicely washable black yarn, but I am concerned that if I do too much by way of embellishments, such as cables etc., he will wind up not wearing the socks.

However, if I am not intellectually engaged by my knitting I wander away from the project.

Can you recommend single-color, not-very fancy sock patterns that are still consistently interesting to knit? Complicated construction, unusual heel turn-- things like that. I would call myself an experienced intermediate knitter.

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Best answer: The Yarn Harlot's Earl Grey Socks.
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What weight is your yarn? I've made both of these, but adjusted for fingering weight yarns.

Mushroom Knit's Simple Skype Socks (Sport weight)

Bobby Zigler's Thuja Socks (Aran weight)
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i immediately thought of ridged square which i knit for my dad. maybe this personal pattern which i made based on a friend's pattern that was based off another pattern... traditional gansey socks maybe.
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Have you ever knit socks toe up, two at a time, on two circs? The technique is interesting (the first time) and you'll be saved from second sock syndrome, but the socks themselves can look 100% boring to the untrained eye. Finish with a ribbed cuff and bind off with Jenny's surprisingly stretchy bind off, another interesting (and extremely functional) tool to add to your repertoire.
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Nancy Bush's Gentleman's Socks with Lozenge Pattern would look pretty understated in black yarn! It's from Knitting Vintage Socks, which also has a few other patterns that might fit the bill.
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Also, I haven't knit this pattern myself but Petty Harbor looks like it might be good.
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Perhaps still too embellished, depending on his tastes, but Business Casual would look smart in black.
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I like the look of Mock Cable Socks or Bavarian cable Socks by Wendy Johnson for this project.
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