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Bruins filter: I'm in Boston for a conference and had tickets for last night's Bruins game as a gift for my (foreign, ice-hockey and Bruins-loving) boyfriend. The game was canceled and being as both of us live very far from Boston, we won't be able to use the tix they'll offer as compensation. We could make Saturday's game but the current ticket price is double our budget. Ticketmaster is no help (surprise!). Are we totally SOL or is there any way we could get to tomorrow's game?
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Have you tried to talk to people at the Bruins box office? They don't accept calls but you can walk up.
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Seconding ancient star. It was a different team and city, but I once bought tickets to the wrong game, and ticketmaster was not interested. I talked to the box office and they were super friendly and swapped out tickets no problem.
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Reach out to the Bruins, the Booster Club, etc via Twitter. You have a great story (true fans from far away lands!) and may get some traction that way.
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check your mefi mail
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