Can someone translate this Arabic text for me?
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Could someone help me translate the Arabic that's written on this mystery object? Thank you!
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Via the husband: the first word is "Iman" - it could be a name, but also translates to "faith." The second word my husband couldn't make out, he thinks it might be an unusual last name.
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Same from my husband - he says the first is Iman and the second is a name but a weird name. His best pronunciation is Lilrezk ( there’s no direct equivalent in our alphabet, hubbie is a native speaker)
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It looks like îmân lil-rizq, with the 'lil-' meaning for the.

Rizq (رزق) is another word that can have a religious meaning, but doesn't have to. It means 'livelihood', 'sustenance' etc. The religious meaning comes from the fact that God is the sustainer, or provider of livelihoods: if I remember rightly, al-Râziq, al-Razzâq—which you see as the second element in names like Abdelrazek or Abdalrazzak, with lots of variant transliterations.

The whole thing could mean 'faith for [the] livelihood', which is odd but may be less so with some contextual information.

Lilrezq would be a very odd surname.

Respective wiktionary entries: îmân, rizq

Disclaimer: not a native speaker, quite rusty, and don't have access to my proper dictionary at the moment.
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My native speaker wife says essentially the same as lapsangsouchong, her first thought for Rizq was “wealth” though. She is very confident that the second word is not a surname and that while it is odd it has been written by someone with native proficiency in writing.
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