A Spanish version of this YouTube channel on French pronunciation?
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Does anybody know of a resource similar to this YouTube channel focusing on advanced French pronunciation, but for Spanish?

I recently stumbled on a YouTube channel which has very in-depth and advanced videos on French pronunciation, including exact tongue positions, intonation, the rhythm of the language and how to combine certain sounds. The lady that does the videos is some amazing expert with a PhD and it's a really amazing resource.

The channel is called frenchsounds

I am looking for a similar resource (either a YouTube channel or website or suggested r) but for the Spanish language. I am *not* looking for basic pronunciation resources, I am really looking for advanced stuff similar to the French YouTube channel. Does anybody know of anything?
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The difference between French and Spanish is that the Académie française has *one* "correct" way of writing and speaking French, but the Real Academia Española recognises the varieties of Spanish. The main ones are Castilian (the Spanish spoken in (parts of) Spain), Mexican and Rioplatense (spoken in Argentina and Uruguay), although of course people in Cuba don't speak the same as people in Costa Rica and so on. So if you want advanced pronunciation and prosody tips you pretty much have to specify a locale.
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Response by poster: Preferably Castilian Spanish, but any variety would be good! Particularly if it deals with prosody.

(also 'suggested r' in my original post is meant to be suggested reading).
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I think this channel is close to what you wanted? They do use standard Castilian.
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