Finding company for Lucha Libre in Mexico City on short notice
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I'm in Mexico City for the next few days and I'm dying to catch the Lucha Libre show at Arena Mexico tomorrow (01/01). Given that I'm a solo female traveler with poor Spanish skills, what are the best, safest, and most immediate ways to find cool (and English speaking) strangers in Mexico City who want to get hype over sweaty mostly naked dudes doing muscle ballet together?

Sadly, I'm staying in an Airbnb on my lonesome instead of in a shared hostel where I might be able to scare up some company.

Things I'd like to try:
- posting in a 'Foreigners in Mexico City' facebook group (join requests currently pending for the two most active groups)
- finding a Couchsurfing group (waiting to get my inactive account reactivated)

Things I'm considering:
- Bumble? Tinder? Reddit?
- giving up and just doing the Turibus Turiluchas tour on 01/02

I'm not totally against going by myself, but it'd be nice to be able to make eye contact with someone else in between the yelling and coin throwing. Please help me set the tone for the year 2018 by filling its first night with sweating, stunting, and friendship.
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For anyone who stumbles upon this thread with the same problem: the answer is r/MexicoCity and I had an AMAZING time.
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