Dog friendly hikes near Moab?
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In mid December, my dog and I will be traveling through the Arches/Canyonlands/Moab area. I know that my dear doggy friend is not permitted on the trails within the national parks. Can you recommend any trails outside the parks that are dog friendly and still really flipping cool and beautiful and similar to the in-the-parks-landscape? Looking for hikes 2-12 miles. Looking for stunning unique views.
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Response by poster: Also, if you have any advice about particularly awesome BLM camping areas around Moab, if love to hear your suggestions!
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Last Summer we went to (what is now officially) William Grandstaff trail. (The link says that it's in Arches Nat'l Park, but it is not.) We didn't bring our dog with us, but we encountered plenty of doggos on the trail. One nice thing about William Grandstaff trail is that it follows a creek, so it's not as bone-dry as other Moab-area trails. Refreshing for both humans and dogs.

Here's the helpful previously with further discussions about Grandstaff trail and other outdoor adventures in the area. Alas, like Empress Callipygos, I can also call it Dunkfoot Gulch. Still a great hike. My dog would have loved it.
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Best answer: I live an hour from Moab, and I hike my dogs all over this area. With some restrictions, you can hike your dogs anywhere that isn't National Park or Monument - so BLM and National Forest basically. Important note - your dog is not even allowed in the car off pavement in Canyonlands.

There is some decent hiking in the Klondike Bluffs, north of Moab.

East of Moab is the La Sal Mountain loop road is a great and scenic drive as well. The La Sal mountains have a ton of trails in that area.

Grandstaff Canyon is a fun one, and is on hwy 128 which is a neat drive. Up where 128 crosses the Colorado, on the dirt road past the Dewey Bridge, you can get to the Top of World Trail. It's a challenging 4x4/ATV/MTB trail, but you can hike it. Its 7 miles from the road, so it would be ambitious, but the views are stunning - and there is lots of good camping in that area where you will never believe all the stars.

West of Moab, the Gemini Bridges area is crisscrossed with a network of MTB trails that are good hikes.

South of Moab, there are areas around Hamburger Rock that are decent hiking. The Lockhart Road is a dirt road until it turns into 4x4 trail. You can hike it after that, though, and it gets really scenic.

There are literally 10,000 trails and places to go. I've tried to give you some ideas for things off the beaten path a bit - where I like to camp and hike - so exercise your judgement as to skill and distance. Bring tweezers for cactus, and lots of water. It has been very very dry lately, and the usual sources of water are non-existent or very low. If the weather holds, it's great hiking weather. If the trails are muddy enough to leave tracks, then you should go hike somewhere else.

And if you want to meet for lunch/dinner/beers, memail me. It's a stunningly gorgeous area and I love love love living here.
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