Games that Simulate Multiple Generations
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My favorite part of The Sims is watching a family grow and change through multiple generations. I'd like to iterate through those generations faster.

My Google-fu is weak on this, searching "games like The Sims" is leading me in unhelpful directions.
The thing I like about The Sims is watching a family grow and change and expand through multiple generations, through deaths and births, and slowly integrate and interweave into a pre-existing town. I'd like to strip away the rest of the gameplay and focus just on this. Is there a game that focuses more directly on following a family through multiple generations, and building a complex and intricate family tree?
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Definitely less accessible than the Sims - but Dwarf Fortress and Prison Architect "feel" vaguely similar to the concept you are describing!
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How do you feel about medieval Europe? Because this is more or less what Crusader Kings II is about.
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I was just about to recommend Crusader Kings II, but warning, it’s very addictive.
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A game called Lasting Legacy is coming out (hopefully) soon, it might be up your alley.
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A game called King of Dragon Pass is less about one family, and more about the trials and tribulations of a clan of around a thousand people over a few generations. It's about ensuring they can survive in a universe that can be very hostile. It might scratch a similar itch, even if in a strange way, and is a delightful experience on its own terms.
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Lasting Legacy is exactly what I'm looking for! Now I just have to wait for it to be released. Will also try Crusader Kings 2 and King of Dragon Pass. Not sure I'm ready to take the plunge into Dwarf Fortress yet... Thanks all for your recommendations!
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