Best PC Gaming Mouse for $50 - $100?
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Hello. Can someone recommend a solid PC gaming mouse in the price range of: $50 - $100? I hear Razer is good, but I want to seek other options too. Thanks!
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My roommate is a heavy gamer and has a Razer mouse that he likes. The Wirecutter seems to like them too. Logitech is my favored brand and I use a Logitech Performance Mouse MX which works fine for the relatively undemanding games I use it for, but I haven't really tried any of their gaming options so I can't give much insight there.
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@Aleyn Thanks for the Wirecutter recommendation. I will checkout Logitech!
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Logitech MX 510 is tried and true and one of the best in the business (but appears to no longer be manufactured). Anyway I would vouch for Logitech mice (technically mouses) in general. Any half-decent PC shop or electronics store ought to let you try their demo mice, so go try a few out and see how they feel!
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It really depends on hand size and grip style as well as the kind of games you play. I believe Rocket Jump Ninja is the gold standard of mouse reviews.
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The internet consensus on Razer is that they make great designed products but often the build quality is not quite there. So if you want something bulletproof I would look elsewhere.

I use a Corsair M65 Pro.
It's relatively heavy and wide (can be even heavier if you add the optional weights.) It has a really nice scroll wheel, which is a pet peeve of mine. Build quality is fantastic.

I would decide how heavy and what shape of mouse you will find comfortable and go from there. I will say that while I sometimes use Logitech products that *feel* cheap, I've never had a reliability issue with any of their products. So I'd consider theirs as well.
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I really like my Razer Deathadder Chroma. I have no idea how good it is compared to others.
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I assume you're a right hander, in which case definitely go with the wire cutter. I'm a leftie though and haven't found much out side of razor that works well.
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I've had two Razer Deathadders and both broke within a year with wonky scroll wheels. I bought a Logitech G502 after that and so far so good.
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I like to use gaming mice just for everyday use... Every Razer I've had has been fantastic and broken in less than a year. I'm currently using a Sensei that I love.
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Another vote for the Logitech G502. I've had mine for a couple of years now with no issues.
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No recs, just something to consider:
My Razer mouse broke (clicking issues), but then so did my Corsair (scrolling issues). I'm not sure if I'm rough on them or they weren't very good quality.
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I've been using a Sensei SteelSeries mouse for 3 years for gaming and home use, and I'm pleased. It's very solid -- noticeably more so than most mice.
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If you want a gaming mouse, I like the Razer Deathadder Elite. I think Razer makes good products and I've had no trouble with build quality. They make a confusing array of products but it basically boils down to how many fancy buttons you want and the shape of the device. I like this one. Note that they're heavily biased towards mice with cords; gamers are convinced wireless mice are bad.

If you want just an ordinary mouse, Logitech is the way to go. Pick the one whose shape you like.
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Suppose it depends on what kind of games you play and what you want the mouse to do. As somebody who tends to play a lot of MMOs and shooters, I've been using a Razer Naga for the past six or so years. I love it.
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Whatever you do DO NOT install the Razer Synapse software.
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I am still using a first gen Logitech Performance MX at home (7 years old) and a 2nd gen (6 years) at work.
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Wait a month for the Black Friday sales.

I'm a big fan of the Logitech MX Master which I've found to be a pleasant replacement for the Laser MX1000's we bought mid-2000's. Those had some minor issues but did survive over a decade. The Master is a wireless mouse so it might not be suitable for gamers who demand the low latency of a wired mouse, and it doesn't have as many buttons as some of the gaming mice, something I count as a benefit. I don't do gaming anymore but I still like a decent mouse.

They retail for $100 but don't pay more than $70. I've been able to get them for $60, and at that price they're definitely a great thing.
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@jgreco Thanks kindly, mate! Will look into Logitech MX Master.
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