Adventerous PC Games similar to Zelda?
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Hi. I just purchased a Gaming PC (Lenovo Legion Y520) and I am trying to find some similar games to Zelda that are adventure-oriented and action-oriented. It does not matter what historical era it is in as long as it is adveturesome with a spin of fantasy if possible. I am not too keen on multiplayer games (The Elder Scrolls does not seem appealing to my taste). Platform is my top favourite, but other kinds will do too. Thanks in advance!
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You might want to keep an eye on Tunic (which isn't out yet), and Oceanhorn.
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@Sing Or Swim Tunic looks astounding. Thank-you! I will definitely purchase Oceanhorn.
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Yeah, I'd like to get my hands on Tunic, too.

I've read people saying they were reminded of Zelda by Ori and the Blind Forest. It's a sidescroller, so maybe it's not exactly what you're looking for. I haven't played it myself, but it's undeniably gorgeous, and has a sequel coming out soon.

There's also this thing called Below, which also isn't out yet, and may have been put on hold by the developer. But it definitely looks like it fits the bill.
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The Ys series is long-lived, fast-paced, Japanese action-rpgs. The games are not un-Zelda like, but also different (depending on the game, no jumping or sometimes even no buttons!). The series is know for great music, memorable characters, and screen-filling boss fights. Your character does have a level like in a traditional RPG and they can be grindy sometimes. Usually each boss has some sort of trick or pattern to learn and master. Sometimes new areas are gatekept by items but sometimes they are gatekept by the strength of the monsters inside.

Most of them are available without DRM on GOG and other places as well. Ys I & II Chronicles is the traditional starting place for newcomers to the series and is a reasonably faithful remake of the ~30 year-old original.

Looks like Ys Seven just came out so I know what I'm doing the rest of the weekend.
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I just spent an enjoyable few days playing Hob. It was way too short but absolutely gorgeous, with a really satisfying way of exploring the world and a lot of Zelda design vibes.
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I've been following the development of this game for a while.
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I havent played it yet, but Hob ( has been compared to Zelda, and it looks really beautiful. It has pretty good reviews.
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Okami HD will be available on PC before the holidays. Meanwhile, there's also Fable: The Lost Chapters / Anniversary (HD).
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Just checking - you say the Elder Scrolls is not appealing to your taste after mentioning you're not keen on multiplayer games; are you aware only "The Elder Scrolls Online" is a MMORPG, and other games in the series are very much single-player, eg. Skyrim?
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Came in to say what sailoreagle said. I looovve skyrim, but haaaate elder scrolls online.
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It is a bit older but Bastion is a lot of fun. Can be bought for quite cheap as well.
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If you like platformers, you will love Cave Story. There is an HD remake called "Cave Story +" but the original is FREE. Developed by one person, it is one of my favorites of all time.

Iji is another great platformer with a female protagonist (a rarity/plus for some folks). FREE as well.

Knytt is calming, cute, and again FREE.

Be on the lookoit for Iconoclasts, not out yet but looks awesome.
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Thank-you everyone for your recommendations!
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@Sing or Swim Thank-you once again! Ori does seem wonderful; the artwork is a masterpiece for certain -- impressive. I will put it on my Steam Wishlist! Below does look different in the art form standpoint, I will keep an eye on this one too. You might like Adventures of Pip which is found on Steam and Enter the Gungeon which is also found on Steam. Also, hear Hob is fantastic and The Escapists 2.
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@sailoreagle Thanks for differentiating the two; I did not know there was a spectrum!
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