what's the most succinct way to phrase this rule?
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I want to have Just One Rule in my MS classroom this year, under which all other rules fall. What I have so far is "make learning your #1 priority." I like the concept but I'm not wild about the phrasing. Help me punch it up!

> simpler vocabulary preferred, as my students are not native English speakers
> should include a verb (so I can say things like, "Rafael, are you making learning your #1 priority right now?")

I welcome your suggestions!
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Is "focus on learning" not emphasized enough? "Rafael, are you focusing on learning right now?" sounds similar to your rule, but shorter.

Or: "your job is to learn," but that sounds a bit harsh and task-master-ish.
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My high school calculus teacher had one rule: "40 minutes of calculus." (for a 40 minute period). Anything that took away from teaching/learning was automatically out of bounds.
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Learning Comes First.
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How about "Learning First." Phrased as a rule, "learning" is a noun, but then you say, "Rafael, are you learning first?"
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Learn to learn, or let's learn to learn. It's ambiguous (learn how to learn and learn for the sake of learning), but perhaps that helps you make several points with it.
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Make Learning Priority 1
Learning is Our First Priority
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Knowledge is power
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Learning is Job One.
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Remember the ABC's: Always Be (C)Learning

(the "C" is silent)
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ABL: Always Be Learning.

I know it's a silly Glengarry Glen Ross bastardization, but it works because it doesn't necessarily mean the curriculum. So like if you have to educate a kid on manners or whatever, it still falls under the rule, because they're learning *something*.

Alternatively, "Get Your Learn On" would be funny enough to get their attention. And then you could say things like "Rafael, are you getting your learn on right now?" I like using humor to get people's attention, especially kids.
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You could call it your Prime Directive.
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Put learning first?
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Might be too abstract for this purpose, but I have a personal motto of, "be a better beginner," that I use to keep myself learning effectively.
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I Like ABL (Always Be Learning) because ABL sounds like Able. And that is a learn-y concept. To "enable" yourself.
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We're here to learn.

Using the word "we" creates a sense of community and also implies that you are eager to learn from them.
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I love all of these! I'm leaning heavily toward Always Be Learning English.
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learn something
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Learn (or)

Just Learn
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Clumsy, but addresses situations where the learner is distracted or whatever - is what you're doing helping you learn?
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I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind your using the One Rule he's had in the classroom for 43 years:
Make Good Decisions.
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