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I'm going on a week trip to Vancouver (2 nights) and Vancouver Island (5 nights) tomorrow with my partner and his family. We'll be in the car a bit I believe and it would be brilliant to have a few topical podcasts to download and listen to while we drive.

We'd all be interested I suspect in hearing about the flora and fauna (particularly whales and bears), history, general society and the people who have lived there or live there now. All appreciate comedy too (even if it's nothing to do with the area, Canadian comedian recommendations would be welcome I reckon).
Open to wider Canadian territory podcasts if you think they're particularly worth listening to as well. Equally if there's a local radio station we must tune into, please let me know.
Tastes are wide and varied, everyone reasonably left/liberal politically . All music lovers but probably be better received if it skewed 'golden oldies'. We're all from the UK if that's pertinent.
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Audio books OK?

The Good Rain - Timothy Egan
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I like the Fault Lines Podcast. CBC had some local current affairs podcasts, too.

You'll want to look up frequencies for CBC Radio One. If you happen to be listening on Sunday evening, I really like Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap.
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Best answer: CBC Radio 1 has two local morning programs to listen to from 5:30AM to 8:40AM. The Vancouver one is on AM 690 and covers mostly hard news in the Vancouver region. There is another one for Vancouver Island called On the Island. The host is in Victoria, but the show covers Vancouver Island topics. Where it is on the dial will change depending where you are.

If you want to learn about Canadian media criticism, Jesse Brown's CanadaLand podcast is great.

Not audiobooks, but Roderick Haig-Brown was a major Vancouver Island literary figure last century who wrote a lot about the Island, including flora and fauna.

Jack Hodgins started writing in the mid-70's, and typically writes about Vancouver Island. I recommend Spit Delaney's Island. It gives a feel for what the Island used to be like 30 or 40 years ago, when I was a kid.

CBC comedy shows are, without exception, total garbage.
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Best answer: The Pig War

The Battle of Maple Bay (Vancouver)

Ripple Rock explosion

The Komagatu Maru

El Jorge Vancouver

(you could browse those podcast series for other related material)

John Lutz's page

Jarret Martineau - Indigenous music and commentary from a Victoria-based artist.

Pick through Media Indigena podcasts e.g.

For books, you'll be seeing a lot of logging and the two books on Island Logging history (Island Timber, Mountain Timber) here are accessible and informative.

Memail me or comment here if you are interested in Vancouver Island archaeology, or check out my blog (e.g.). And the journal BC Studies is mostly open access before about 2015. e.g.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone!
Amazing suggestions.
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