Wild Cotton
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Can anyone help with resources for identifying (I think) wild cotton seeds?

We found some seeds by my house which someone said were wild cotton. None of the pictures of wild cotton look like them though. The closest I could find was this video claiming "wild dandelion or cotton"

It's not a ball at all and the seeds are very lumpy and not a nice full tear drop like the seeds when I google cotton seeds. It's left me very curious, is this a strain of wild cotton; also I don't know much about cotton, are the tufts attached to the seeds different than the big round poofy ball part?

Is that why what we found looks so different? It just looks like soft little strains of straight silky hair, not even remotely in a ball shape or all tangled together. I don't know if I'm describing this well. Anyway thank you so much if anyone can help me or you know a good website for wild cotton identification!
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Best answer: I'm no expert but the only plant I know of like that is milkweed.

Your image looks like it may have gotten wet so got a big tangled.
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Which on googling some people call milkweed "wild cotton".
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Response by poster: That's it! That makes everything clear lol!!! Thank you so much! It does look like you can even spin with milkweed fibers, so cool!!
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I let them peek up through by garden beds since they have awesome red and black beetles and monarch butterflies love them, AND they smell amazing.
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