Is this soccer jersey worth any money?
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I won this jersey at a festival about 8-10 years ago. After I won it, several people asked me if they could have it or buy it off me. It's been in my closet ever since. I don't want it anymore. Should I pawn it, sell on Ebay, donate it?
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If it helps, that appears to be the Mexican national team 2007 away kit. I can't tell you if it's worth anything.
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That said, if it's worth your time, were I in your shoes, I'd put it on eBay and see what happens.
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You could compare your shirt to ones on sale here. Looks like a UK store charges £44.99 for theirs without the autographs so yours should definitely be worth something.
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Quick search on ebay for "autographed Mexico jersey" turns up many examples for $50 upwards, some at several hundred. Because this one is a bit older, it's probably less likely that other examples signed by the same players will be on sale at the same time.

It's definitely worth something to a collector.
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The shirt alone is worth something between $30 and $70 depending if it's a store-bought or a playing shirt. Thing with autographs is that unless you can vouch for the authenticity of them, they might be next to worthless as far as added value goes. That is usually provided by some authentication document or a clear photo of the object being signed.

Some help:
It seems signed by
José Andrés Guardado (#18), Cuauhtémoc Blanco (#10)
Memo Ochoa (#1) ,?(#13), Ricardo Osorio (#5)
Kikin Fonseca (#17), Ramon Morales (#11)
Jonny Magallón (#2), Nery Castillo (#7)

Tracking where it was signed might be a bit more complicated: Mexico plays a fairly considerable number of games in the US every year. The mystery Daniel (?) with #13 could provide some help with that, but doesn't seem likely it is any of the capped players I've found in that timeline, and I'm not nearly enough of an expert in Mexican football to throw a name around.
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It's a little odd, because Ochoa wears #13 for Mexico, and as far as I can tell, has done so pretty much his whole career.
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Players often sign with the number they usually play in their clubs out of habit. I've only found photos of Castillo playing with 9 or 21 (IIRC), and 7 was his number with Olympiacos.
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Sorry for not answering the main question (I have no idea), but I'm almost positive #13 says "Pavel" as in Pável Pardo
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