Will Trump Care Change Medicare Supplement Insurance for Seniors?
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The Donald Trump presidency has been one of the most initially volatile in recent memory, and while the new president has worked to bring many of his campaign promises to light, there has been quite a bit of highly justifiable red tape that has blocked several of his promises. One of his platforms while running the campaign was to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans have hailed the ACA as one of the most detrimental government programs in history, yet they fail to realize the truth value of the system.

If the Trump administration and Paul Ryan get their way, it is possible that Medicare could be completely restructured in such a way that older Americans who rely on Medicare and supplemental insurance will be forced to pay more for the same coverage or find a new provider. Existing Medigap plans will need to be tweaked to deal with the new coverage gaps in Medicare, which would only serve to increase the cost for the average older American.
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