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A mate reccomend a fantasy book to me but couldn't remember the title and googlefu is failung me. It involved a magacian whose name translated to no-one who had to introduce his lover (who kept reincarnating) to magic in order for him to die....

So as it was told to me, No-one lets his brother goad him into pulling his sword in the hall which allows his brother to banish him, this causes his lover to kill herself. No-one asks the gods/magic to bring her back and they do but he has to get her to perform magic... he struggles and she keeps reincarnating and he cant die untill he fulfills the duty.... yes i may have details wrong as beers were involved.
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Is it the Deverry Cycle by Katharine Kerr? The first book is Daggerspell.
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Yes, this is definitely the Deverry books.
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Yep. Excellent books.
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Thanks folks, that does seem to be it. And its always nice to get a second good review 😊
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