What book did my partner read as a child?
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My partner is trying to remember a book he loved (and found emotionally devastating) as a child. He read it in English in the Netherlands in 1996, if that helps. This is the plot he remembers: a boy travels back to the age of dinosaurs and befriends a bunch of them, including a mother and baby stegosaurus. The book ends with him escaping back to his own time just before the meteor hits, and finding a dig site with the fossils of his stegosaurus friends. Any ideas?
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The first book that came to mind was the first in the Magic Treehouse series, Dinosaurs before Dawn by Mary Pope Osborne, but it seems a bit off. Was it a picture book or a chapter book?
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It's not the Magic Treehouse book. He says it was a chapter book.
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This sounds vaguely similar to The Double Disappearance of Walter Fozbek by Steve Senn, though I remember that as a more lighthearted book.
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