Learning to Surf in Mexico
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Has anyone had a great experience learning to surf in Mexico? Please tell me where you went!

I am going to Mexico this May to hang out with my Mexican bf while he renews his visa. While there we would like to spend about 4-5 days at the beach and - in a perfect world - use that time to learn the basics of surfing. We are starting in Mexico City, so pretty much anywhere on Mexico's coasts is fine. Could be lessons or a surf camp type thing. Googling is not turning up the results I had hoped for, but perhaps it is really broad without a specific destination in mind. Anyone know of good places or have some personal insight into the whole learning to surf idea?
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I spent a week learning to surf in Sayulita (as a total beginner) and got lessons from Lunazul Surf School. Had a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend -- beginner-friendly waves, nice and helpful instructors, gorgeous town.
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Seconding Sayulita. I stayed at one of the hostels there for a week and took several days of lessons from WildMex, also as an almost-total-n00b. The lessons were OK - adequate, but not fabulous - but I loved the town, the atmosphere, and the waves.

Word of warning: don't surf in the rain there. The river flows right into the break, and the storm runoff is full of things that you don't want to be drinking without a Cipro chaser.
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As an aside: never surf during/after the rain, anywhere. You should always wait 72 hours after significant rainfall.
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Maybe Puerto Escondido? There are numerous surf schools there and daily flights out of Mexico City on Interjet and Vivaaerobus. Playa Carizalillo is great for beginners as it's small and the breaks are manageable.
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