High Velocity AC Tips?
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We intend to have high velocity air conditioning installed in our small (ca. 1900sqft) house. If you've had such a system installed, can you share any tips/perspectives?

Hoping, in particular, for perspectives on:

-Unico vs. Spacepak (seems to be a small advantage to Unico)
-adding a heating element for hot air (especially if you already had a heating system--we have hot water radiators)
-Any recommendations for condenser units (expect we'd need 3-ton, subject to actual manual J calcs). FWIW, due to setbacks, I think the unit will have to be on the front of our house, so a discreet model would be preferred.
-any other bells and whistles / upgrades we should consider while we're doing this
-pitfalls to avoid or special requests we should discuss with an installer

We're in Metrowest Boston; vendor recommendations are appreciated if you got 'em.

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