Recommendations for sports documentaries about kids?
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I've been enjoying watching sports documentaries about kids and the obscure activities they choose to be good at. Can you recommend any others I should check out? Not limited to sports, just anything kids are good at.

There must be some documentaries about dance, hip hop, chess, etc that I've missed.

I've watched:
Hoop Dreams (basketball)
First Position (ballet)
The Short Game (golf)
Top Spin (ping pong)
Louder than a Bomb (poetry slam)

I'm looking at:
State of Play: Trophy Kids
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Spellbound (spelling bees)
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Also Mad Hot Ballroom (ballroom dancing) -- though I watched it a while ago and I'm not sure if the kids were really good (i.e., expert level) or beginners who improved over the course of the documentary.
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Maidentrip (sailing)
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It's not an obscure activity, but Little Big Men about the Little League World Series was very enjoyable.
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Response by poster: All of these are great, thank you.
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Broadway or Bust is about highschool musical competitions.
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Magic Camp (like stage magic) is on Hulu right now! It's about this place.
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I liked Sounds Like Teen Spirit, about the Junior Eurovision contest.
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Not a full documentary, but Vice's profile of rock climbing phenom Ashima Shiraishi is inspirational.
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Jig - Irish dance

IIRC, it wasn't 100% about kids - follows several participants and at least one was an adult I think. It's been a few years since I watched it. Really entertaining though.
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I always have a morbid fascination for things like Jesus Camp.
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Dragon Girls is excellent (residential Shaolin Kung Fu training). Full documentary on YouTube
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Came in to say Spellbound and Mad Hot ballroom - glad to see them in first positions. I will add the really fun Please Vote For Me (politics is a sport, right?)
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A State of Mind: "A British documentary that follows two young North Korean girls as they prepare for the Mass Games, the world's largest choreographed gymnastics performance."
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Vite Parallele, about italian young gymnasts'. It's a series.
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Brooklyn Castle is about about a talented group of junior high chess players from a public school.
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Somewhere else on the spectrum of kids leading interesting lives is Approaching the Elephant. It's filmed during the first year of a free school and how the students and teachers try to make no set curriculum and democratic rule-making work.
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