Looking for a article (linked off a former AskMefi comment thread)
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In search of a short fiction story probably linked off a former AskMefi comment thread).

So, I've been browsing past AskMetafilter threads and came across a linked short story that had possibilities but seemed incomplete.

I can't remember the topic, but the article had two parts; the key event in the short first part was about a guy driving down a desert road and throwing a lit cig. butt out his window (explicitly implying he started a brush fire).

The second part seemingly had nothing to do with the first - about a male / female couple, seemed to take place the same time and ended abruptly. There was a spreading brush fire that could have been the from the first part.

Does the anyone remember this fictional short? Might have been from the first half of 2008.
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It wasn't something from this thread, was it?
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