Help me find litfic authors who use settings from all over the world!
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Bookfilter! I'm looking to find authors with that internationalist flair.

I love devouring the complete works of any given author that I enjoy, but I hate it when they "write what they know" and every book is set in upstate New York or rural Iowa or what have you. I want to find more authors who go out of their way to include a variety of settings and characters with unique geographical backgrounds. I'm thinking of people like Thomas Pynchon, David Mitchell or Zadie Smith. I'd also like for these authors to be women or people of color since I already read plenty of books by white dudes as it is.
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Geraldine Brooks
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Yoko Tawada
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Tiphanie Yanique
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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Start with the excellent Half of a Yellow Sun.

Isabel Allende's early works, especially The House of the Spirits, are great.

The Brief Wondreous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz is fantastic.
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Michael Ondaatje

I can recommend lots of authors from around the world if you want a change from the US as a setting, but you want authors who set their books in various places, is that right?
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Is Naipaul too obvious a choice?
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Response by poster: Bloxworth, you've got it--I'm looking for authors who set their books in various places, not just authors who write in a fixed international setting.
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Not a contemporary writer, but you could try Graham Greene.
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Maybe Barbara Kingsolver? She's written seven novels so far, with four set in different parts of the Southern US (Oklahoma twice, Appalachia (Virginia, I think) and Tennessee), one set in Arizona with Nicaragua very important to the plot, one set partly in Mexico and partly in North Carolina, and one set in the Belgian Congo (as was).
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