Where to source leather for a DIY watch band?
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I'd like to take a stab at making my own watch band(s) out of leather. There are plenty of tutorials out there on the process, but I am not so sure about where to source the materials -- especially the leather itself.

Where can I find small amounts of good quality leather (Horween chromexcel, shell cordovan, etc) in a variety of colors? I know about this kit, but am hopeful that there is an option that allows me to do more of the work without also having to spend $200 for an entire side of leather at once. Recommendations of any kind that will help me be successful in this plan are also welcome.
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Waterhouse Leather in Hyannis!
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I don't know exactly what you need for this, but I would first look at Etsy (that's a search for "leather pieces" in the "craft supplies and tools" section. In addition to finished products, a lot of people are selling crafting supplies on Etsy.
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Craigslist? Tandy? Leather clothing manufacturers? Used shoes or boots? Used belts? Shoe repair shop?
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google for "leather scrap", which is usually sold for about $4 a pound.
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Oregon Leather has a big selection (and their scrap bins are The Best); from their website it looks like they'll happily work with non-local customers.
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I have been experimenting with leather, and I encourage you to embrace the "Build one to throw away" philosophy when working with these relatively expensive materials. Use some cheaper leather for your first one, or a blemished piece, and expect to screw up something. And then go buy some good stuff and make a keeper out of that. Good luck!!

(Also, you can ask for sources on Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/Leathercraft/.)
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Fall into Brettuns Village Leather Craft Supplies.
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thanks for the good resources folks!
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Came to suggest Oregon Leather (their scrap bin makes me wish I wasn't vegetarian) but also wanted to mention that you can reuse leather when making small stuff - I made a nice watch band using scraps from a damaged boot. Don't know details about the leather, but judging from the quality of the boot it's probably good stuff.
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