Get tickets for filming of Jools Holland's TV show
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Anyone ever been on Later with Jools Holland or the Hootenanny? How did you get tickets?

Everyone loves the BBC2 music show, always been a fan, it looks very civilised too! See loads of great musicians and you don't need to dance like a tool or be 12 (TOTP)

In particular, next new year's eve, I want to go to the Hootenanny. I imagine tickets are like gold dust, how did you manage to get a ticket to the normal filming
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This page gives contact details for the BBC ticket office. If they can't get you the tickets they can probably tell you where you can get them from.
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My friend got in to Later by asking people in the queue if they had any spare tickets. To get tickets for real, there's a special address to write to on a certain date that's only given out in an obscure magazine ad somewhere (I've seen one in Time Out).

(And I hope you realize the Hootenanny is pre-recorded)
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Best answer: I was in the audience for "Later" once. I called up the BBC's ticket office and asked for tickets - they told me there was a year long waiting list. I asked to be put on it anyway, and sure enough just over a year later I got 4 tickets in the mail. Well worth the wait!
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