I can't believe I actually bought all of those cards....
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I have a huge number of Magic, Star Trek, and X-Files cards (well, not huge by some standards, but more than I'd like to admit to having). I haven't touched them 6 years or so. Needless to say, I want them gone.

I could throw them away, but a) I put money into it (not a lot, but enough that I feel vaguely attached, and b) doesn't *someone* want them? So, I'd like to sell them or give them to people who would actually like them. I have no idea of how to do so or where to start... any help would be great.
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You could always entrust them to your mother, who would lose/toss them. And you could win unending guilt points with her, which might be worth more than the few paltry dollars you could score on eBay (and less work).

This recently happened with my 6000+ comic collection. They "disappeared" somewhere between storage spaces during a move.

Oy. I think my brother was edged out of the will after that.
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eBay? At least to see the pricing on some of the rarer or more valuable ones.

Also, check out your local comic book store. (Best. Idea. Ever?)
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I don't really have many rare/valuable ones. I've looked on ebay, and it looked to me like many collections weren't even selling.
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Another suggestion from the random-bizarre file: put me together a good Magic deck and I'll buy you beer at meetups for life. I used to play way way back in the day and always enjoyed it. But I always borrowed decks. Now, strangely enough, people even older than me (programmers at work) get together in the lunch room to play, and I wouldn't mind joining them sometime. Need a deck.

Free. Beer. For. Life.

at! meetups!
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Good suggestions in this May 2005 thread, including a best answer. [sorry, scarabic!]
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You could always try giving them away on craigslist or on freecycle.
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I had a friend ebay my old Vampire/Jyhad decks and strategy books for me several years ago. (Yes, I used to play Jyhad. I know, I know: it always sort of surprised me too.) The return wasn't too bad, but I think that might have been because A) I had some rare-ish cards in there, and B) there weren't many Vampire decks/books available (I don't think it was ever as popular as Magic). In any case, if the Magic cards don't seem to be selling, what about listing them on Craigslist (or posting them on a flyer at a comic book/gaming store) as a good starter deck for a beginning player?
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ha ha, scody played jyhad. no, wait, I did too. crap.

the last time I moved, I gave all my magic the gathering cards to the local used-book store. even the rares. not sure they ever knew wtf to do with them, but I figured some kid would come in sometime and want them. eh.

sometimes the getting rid of things is more important than the physical compensation.
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Find out if there's a local games convention. Find out if they have a charity auction. They will almost certainly be grateful for the donation, people (particularly the Irish) will pay more than they're worth because it's for charity (and, if it's an Irish games convention, because they have been drinking all weekend), and the money will go to a good cause.
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i second the above-linked best answer: a year ago i tried to get rid of my modest mtg collection and selling it as a lot was the best thing

you should've given them away for jesus' bday, some kid(s) would be very happy now : )
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I'd be happy to take any of the Magic cards off your hands for a small price, I've been thinking about just getting a bunch of commons and putting together simple decks to play at home, non competitive, just my wife and I, maybe an occasional friend. Emails in my profile.
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If your selling them, please email me with any offers you have gotten allready and I will see what I can do. I lost my collection a couple years ago in a accident and I have been wanting to get back into it. I would be willing to pay for them, but I'm by no means rich. They would be eternally apperciated and given a good home.
My emails in my profile
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