Bike goes flippy-floppy: need kickass double kickstand
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The used hybrid I got for $200 a few years ago needs a proper, robust kickstand (ideally a double kickstand) to replace the weakass kickstand it has right now. I need something strong enough to hold the bike steady when loading the back rack with groceries, but I'm not thrilled at paying half my bike's cost for a model like this one. I've seen cheaper ones like this, but some reviews suggest that it rides really low when folded back. And this one is in-between in price, but I'm wondering about how effective it is. Suggestions? Easy shipping to Canada or a local store in Toronto would be appreciated.
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I have the pletscher on my touring bike (long haul trucker); it was very stable with more weight than it was rated for. If you get it positioned just right, you can also use it as a stand to grease your chain. I had an issue where it was very hard to get it tight, but the long haul/disc trucker was intentionally made for use without a kickstand. Your bike is probably not be aggressively anti-kickstand, so it should be easier.
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I used a Velo Orange Porteur and it was quite effective until the mounting bolt snapped in half. I've since used an Evo MassLoad and it's pretty good although it has a tendency to torque a bit out of ideal balance.
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I bought the pletcher at urbane last week. Came recommended.
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If Bike Pirates are nearish to you, it might be worth a visit to see if they have anything that would work for you.
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That is to say, a lot of bike collectives usually secretly have the equivalent of a bicycle thrift store thing going on.
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Pletscher. We have one on our tandem, it's perfect.
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Are you sure you need a double-leg kickstand? I just bought this single-leg one from Velotique in Toronto (although clearly MEC stocks it too), and it holds my bike when I'm fastening panniers or attaching a bike trailer.

Velotique has great service and will let you try out multiple kickstands until you find one that works for you.
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I previously had the M-Wave one and it was way way way too high for my bike also and then it pulled the soldered plate it was attached to completely off my bike.

I'm currently on my second flimsy, which I always have to tighten because the weight of my bike's stuff knocks it out position and loosens it constantly. I'd vote for one of the pricier ones, since you can always switch it between bikes if you decide to upgrade in the future and it'll be worth it for the stability.
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Thanks for all the feedback so far. It looks as if the Pletscher is a popular choice, although I did find this article which wasn't entirely glowing, and which echoed krunk's position about single kickstands.

The Pletscher is still pretty expensive here ($80 at Urbane), although I might get lucky at Bike Pirates, so maybe I just need a solid single kickstand that attaches at the chainstay (my current wobbly one is on the bottom bracket and has never seemed stable).
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Sorry -- it wasn't the Pletscher. I got this Massload double kickstand from Urbane.
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