Looking for an italian poem about rain
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I am trying to find a poem I studied twenty years ago in Italy in an italian-language literature class. It was about the aftermath of a rainstorm. It was not 'Dopo La Pioggia' by Gianni Rodari. I remember a few things about the author: At latest early twentieth century. Liked to use antiquated (italian) words. Was a very sad person who didn't believe that happiness existed, only the absense of unhappiness. I spoke italian pretty fluently at that point in my life so it might have been part of the canon taught in Italian high school or middle school curricula. I also remember studying a poem about a fountain by the same author (maybe). Ring any bells?
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Best answer: The poet is Giacomo Leopardi, perhaps?
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Response by poster: And it's 'Dopo La Tempesta!

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Here are some of his poems; several mention rain and fountains. In the first link, his despair and desolate outlook on life are mentioned several times - his belief that there is no happiness.

Edit - ok good you found it ;)
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