What is the name of this book that is tangenitaly about fly fishing?
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My SO asked for this for his birthday and I forgot the title. It's a book about a guy who takes a break from his (tech/math/physics??) career and does a lot of fly fishing. It has a MC Escher bird-to-fish print on the cover and may have been featured somewhere like BoingBoing. Any help?
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A River Runs Through It ?
Which I doubt is what you're looking for as it's about 40 years old, but it's a great book about fly-fishing and life.
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Hmm, could it be The Painter by Peter Heller? He fly fishes a lot, and he's sorta taking a break from his life. It's a great novel regardless.
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The Simple Beauty of the Unexpected by Marcelo Gleiser seems like it covers all your bases. It's new so it makes sense that your SO may have recently read a review or heard an interview.
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Also for a fisherman, The River Why by David James Duncan.
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