(Virtual) Summer writing programs for a teen?
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A talented and typically sullen sixteen-year-old girl is about to meet the vast free time of Summer Vacation and I'd like to find something that feeds her inspiration more than her desperation. She's a fine writer and it's good for her mental health for a whole pile of reasons. Registration for the local, in-person summer writing programs has come and gone, so I'd like to find some online options that encouraging her writing. Give me your online classes, camps, communities, apps, or anything else appropriate for a teen who likes to write, but could use some constructive encouragement.

I really like what they do at DIY (ie: using kid's enthusiasim to trick them into doing all the hard work) but she's definitely aged out of its community. Ideally it would be something/somewhere that she feels safe expressing herself, but with enough oversight to keep a parent from clenching too badly.
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NANOWRIMO has an online summer camp.
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Sarah Selecky's online course, Story Is a State of Mind, is very good.
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Grub Street offers online writing courses. Intro to Fiction might suit her, even though it's for adults. There are also great online courses at The Loft. Gotham Writers' Workshop has teen-specific online writing classes.
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Where are you? Local mefites may be able to recommend in-person programs that still have spots. Failing that, have you tried calling the programs whose registration date has passed? It's worth a shot. I say this because as an artsy, angsty teen, summer theater, music, and writing classes and camps were such a great thing for me, just getting to spend the time with other artsy kids who didn't go to my school.
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I took a couple of online poetry-writing courses from The Poetry Barn a while back and really enjoyed them. You want to look for the ones that don't explicitly say The Poetry Barn is the location -- those are the online ones.
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Also, I forgot to mention -- if you want to sign up until a week or two before the class starts, they will sometimes slash the prices to encourage signups. I never paid full price for the classes I took.
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Out of the box here, but if she writes fanfiction, most fandoms have what they call a "Big Bang" which is a lot like NaNoWriMo. There's a deadline and some community to it, a lot of encouragement, and you can find a writing buddy, a beta-reader, etc. Usually a fanartist will come and do illustrations. Not guaranteed but it can be incredibly rewarding. You google e.g. "Veronica Mars Big Bang"
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