Fruit and veg batteries
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Potato batteries and various forms of citrus batteries are, as best as I can tell, most accurately described as chemical batteries. But that sounds so boring! Do they not have a more sciency name? Like electroconvalent batteries or something?

I really want to be able to describe them in a more exciting way than chemical or zinc-copper batteries. That doesn't quite catch the imagination. Polysyllabic for the win!
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Bimetallobotanic cells?
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Am open to creative neologisms but also looking for actual/cromulent/existing words. As I are a ignorant it's probably good to let me know which is which!
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well, they are galvanic cells. tbh it's more about the two metals used than the fruit / potato.
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Yeah, the fruit itself doesn't actually provide the power; the power is really coming from ionization-state changes in the two different metals sticking into the fruit. All the fruit does is provide an electrolyte, a medium in which the metals are capable of ionizing, so any name which emphasized the "drawing power from veggies!" aspect would be misleading.
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Long enough now I guess that it's not thread sitting. The fruit isn't the important part, it's the mechanism. I just want it to sound flashy and sciency. Galvanic is leading at the moment, but I might just go with "electrochemical" for the syllable count. Is there anything that can be added to galvanic for extra SCIENCE!!
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