Domingo? no. Rodrigo? no.
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Help me remember the name of a children's book about a dog.

I would have read this sometime around 1980-1985. The details, as I remember them, and which could be totally wrong:

- title was a single word, the dog's name, starting with D or R
- cover was reddish with illustration of the dog
- dog was carrying a staff and bindle (maybe?)
- at least one part of the book's theme was travel or wanderlust
- and when I think of this book I'm hit with some sense of melancholy but I can't for sure say if that's my memory of the book or just something else that was happening that day.
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Sounds like Dominic. I loved that book as a kid.
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I knew this would be a done-in-one. Thank you very much.

Kind of silly I didn't think to google 'Dominic' considering I have a friend by that name. I guess I was subconsciously thinking, "Can't be Dominic or I would have remembered that."
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Ah, I believe this was the cover I was thinking of. Not quite reddish but same family.
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I think the cover you remember is also the one we had at the library in elementary school. I think I need to read it again, because I read it over and over as a kid in the 70s.
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The book is a bit melancholy, btw, so that's not just you.
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