Looking for a countdown leader
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Does anyone remember seeing a countdown from WKRC-TV, Channel 12 in Cincinnati (circa 1991) which was video of their satellite truck on fire?

As I remember it (I worked there at the time), one of the videographers was on his way to or from a shoot that required the satellite truck. As he told the story, he smelled smoke, pulled over and got out just in time to see the truck burst into flames. Being a good cameraman, he grabbed his brand new Sony Professional Camcorder and started shooting. No doubt, for insurance and liability purposes, but soon afterwards, I as the inside editor, found this new countdown leader in my edit bay. It was the most irreverent and spectacular video I'd ever seen. Imagine, a $250K state of the art satellite truck engulfed in flames AND part of a countdown, of all things. I didn't see it used for long. My guess is management didn't see the humor.
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