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I've signed up to host a grown up game show party this weekend, but life got in the way and now I'm a little under-prepared with content. I could use your ideas!

It'll be set up with a makeshift stage where we'll be calling 3-5 people up at a time to answer questions or compete in little contests while the rest of the group watches with beer in hand, and hopefully has some laughs. Attendees will be mostly adults who know each other, about half of them in couples -- the mood will be sort of like a bachelor/ette or engagement party. For equipment, I have a set of light-up answer buzzers for the question/answer sections and I would have access to a large whiteboard & markers, a sound system, tables/chairs, and assorted bells & noises. People will be either seated in chairs or standing, depending on which activities we're doing. I want to keep the energy flirty, light and funny, and people laughing and goofing off with each other but I could really use some of your best ideas for bawdy, entertaining, adult activities and questions we can include in a game show type format. Have you hosted a grownup party with games that people still talk about? Tell me about 'em! And... go!
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Porno movie titles are often plays off real movie titles. You could either have two contestants (or teams, double teams if you will) come up with 5 titles each. The rest could vote of which was the best. Of if people are appearing stumped, you could post 5 movies and have each person/team come up with the adult versions. Or you could announce a title, then the contestants could try to be the first to buzz-in Family Feud style to come up with the adult version first.

In fact, Family Feud likes to be somewhat suggestive. Maybe poke around on youtube for 30 minutes or so for ideas. You could use their surveys and have people guess the Top 3 Whatevers.

A cleaner version of the movie thing might be to play short dialog clips from famous popular movies (or cult movies or sci-fi or whatever is your groups favorite genre) and have people guess the titles within 15-30 seconds or so. Or play the clip until someone buzzes in with an answer. Or play clips from movie soundtracks. (Maybe save the porno title section for later in the night after many beers.)

Overall, you could do a Whose Line Is It Anyway version of the whole night and more or less be a host/judge that arbitrarily awards points and decides the winner at the end.

I can't believe I'm coming up with porno movie ideas at 9 o'clock in the morning. WTF did I dream about last night?
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Love the movie title & Family Feud ideas! Still looking for more options; they don't all have to be rated-R; even family friendly activities might work. Thanks in advance everyone!
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If it were up to me I'd just put Quiplash or another Jackbox game on and call it good.
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I just saw an ad online for They have some multi-player games on their site that you control with your phone in much the same way that the Jackbox games work. I haven't tried them all out so I don't know if/which ones would work for you, but they do have a Quiz game.
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