Best scooped pickups for electric guitar
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Strat players - JM Big Dippers or Seymour Duncan scooped pickups?

I thought at first the John Mayer ones would be shitty low budget versions of whatever he was really playing. Found out they're actually what he plays in the highly customized guitars he uses on stage. But also, they come EXCLUSIVELY in John Mayer signature models, which aren't even being made anymore - he's long since stopped being a Fender artist and are hard to find and not very attractive looking either. The pickups are available for jacked up prices online by themselves sometimes. However, I found some scooped midrange Seymour Duncans. I love Seymour Duncans and have them in my other guitar, so if it's all the same (or better), I'd like to get those. im not in a situation where I can try both or even one of them out but I have youtubed the JMs being played but can't find a video for the Duncan ones. Anyone know if those would be equal or better/ have a super similar scoop effect, or should I try harder to find the JMs?
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