Video about mathematical models of why sexual reproduction happens
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A while ago, I saw a video where a woman speaker discussed some of the puzzles in biology about why sexual reproduction evolved and continues to happen. It covers "the cost of males" and other major drawbacks, then discusses how only models that incorporate a finite population show sex evolving and persisting.

I have searched my YouTube and web browser history, as well as the ordinary YouTube and Google searches, but I can't find it. I'm not 100% sure it is on YouTube, but I think it was probably mentioned on a popular news site like Boing Boing or MeFi within the last few months. I want to share it with a couple of friends.

Does anybody have a link?
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That's a really common Evolution and Ecology 101 lecture. Was it from an open university type site? There are tons of those online now.
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I would be grateful for any such link, though remain curious if anyone else saw the video I saw earlier promoted in the same way I did.

This video was specifically focused on successive generations of mathematical models, and emphasized the importance of a finite population in (I recall) the third generation of such models.
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I don't know the specific video you're talking about, but it could have been Sally (Sarah) Otto. She works in that space and won a MacArthur a few years ago.
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