French TV on the web?
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French language tv on the web? (more inside)

A friend of mine is moving to France for business school and he wants to work on his listening comprehension before he leaves. He has considered subscribing to TV5 for a year, but I'm convinced he can find programming online for a lower price (or free, even). Do any mefite francophones out there know where he can find sitcoms, tv shows, good news broadcasts and other entertaining media? Audio is good, but video is preferred. Thanks!
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It's Quebecois French (which is to say non-standard and frowned upon by the upper crust in France), but the SRC should give you plenty of french entertainment. Video clips, news, and I believe their radio station is online too...
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France 2 puts their streaming newscasts on the web three times a day. I think this is the newscast that you'll find on TV5, though if memory serves me correctly the version broadcast on TV5 is edited to fit into 25-30 minutes and, on TV5 ├ętats-unis, has English subtitles. The streaming web version does not have subtitles. TF1 also has lots of clips.
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If he's on Mac OS X, there are two apps that automate the process of watching a crapload of French TV: CocoaJT and FrenchTVNews.

Also, for any platform check out wwiTV, "the ultimate guide to live TV webcasts."
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Mo Nickels: thanks and WOW! CocoaJT is an AMAZING program, for many languages. What a find.
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