NYC dance clubs for the music snob (future funk, nu-disco, French house)
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Where in NYC can I dance to nu-disco, electro funk, French house, etc...? Are there specific DJs I can follow?

Ideally this a place with no dress code or little pretension. Music examples below:

St. Pepsi or Skylar Spence
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Bossa Nova Civic Club sometimes has this kind of music. You might want to check their Facebook page or Resident Advisor to see what DJs are playing.
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Damn it, if Tandem Bar hadn't closed, I'd suggest the Indie Slash party. Little more synthpop, but plenty of nu-disco and French house. Sadly, the bar closed, and they're homeless. Haven't heard of anything new from them.
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Look for Justin Vandervolgen. I think he DJ's at least once a month in NYC but I'm not sure. He's what you are looking (listening?) for.
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