What's that quote about relationships ending/marriages being lost?
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I read (somewhere?) a quote by someone (an author? poet?) that when a relationship (marriage?) ends, a little language shared by the two is lost. I've googled all sorts of combinations of these words and cannot find it. Did I hallucinate this? Thanks!
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Maybe Mother Night, Kurt Vonnegut, Nation of two - not sure which quote you mean specifically, but there are a few here: http://goodbooksincquotes.blogspot.com/2009/08/mother-night-kurt-vonnegut.html
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Best answer: Are you perchance remembering this post from the blue?

(Also cf., this prior AskMe.)
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Response by poster: 4 minutes. Is that a record? Thank you very much, those are both things I do recall now that I'm reading them again.
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