Antiquarian book sleuths : help me identify this damaged book
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I have a very old German book that is missing its title page. I really want to know what book it is. Pictures within!

This book has me stumped after much googling. It's in German blackletter of different sized fonts. Everything prior to page 21 and after page 800 is missing. It was rebound after losing those pages. It appears that someone went to considerable trouble to repair pages and rebind it, even after it was incomplete. Can anyone identify title, author, date, or anything else?
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At a quick glance, looks like some other edition of Johann Friedrich Starck's Tägliches Handbuch.
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Do the pages you do have match up with any of these? That is a book by Ernst Friedrich Zobels which the title of, loosely translated, seems to be "Manual and travel-book for all young persons going abroad" or something along those lines..
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This has the same text as your second image. So maybe it's a different edition of Kappf's Kürzere Gebete fur zwölf Wochen. In any event it sure looks like some 19th century German devotional text, which maybe explains the care given to the book.
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The last page you have is from Luther. Given the discrepancies in type, maybe you have several books bound into one volume?
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And to clarify, since the page numbers seem consistent, maybe an omnibus edition of devotional texts?
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It's a devotional, collecting prayers and hymns, so obviously most of the material will appear in lots of places, making it harder to search for. What I think you have, however, is a different version of

Das Himmlische Vergnügen in Gott, oder vollständiges Gebett-Buch: ...

The page numbering doesn't match up, but everything you posted is in there, under the right section headings, albeit with some spelling differences. This books also shows the feature of varying font sizes.

Your page 21 starts at the second-to-last line of page 779 (search for "begleite und beschütze). The section is called" Morgen-Gebett am Sonntage" ("Sunday morning prayer") compared to your "Kurzes Morgengebät am Sonntage" ("Short Sunday morning prayer").

Your page 144 corresponds to what starts on the fourth line from the bottom of page 81 (search for "auf dem schnellen"). The section is called "Abend-Gebett am Dienstag," compared to your "Abendgebät am Dienstage."

The start of your page 800 (verse 86) can be found on page 688, as verse 119 (search for "lass mich alsdann noch"). This section is called "Sterbens-Gedancken," compared to your "Sterbensgedanken." Verse 87 in your edition is 120, 89-90 is 126-127, etc. I haven't looked for everything from your page 800, but I assume that the edition on Google Books simply contains more material than yours, possibly reordered too.
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