Companion phrase for "get it, girl" that's not gross/douchey?
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I'm hanging a typographic print of the phrase "get it girl" in my bathroom (similar to this) and would like to pair it with a similar-but-dude-oriented print. What phrase should I use that's short, pithy, and has a similar inspirational zing, but doesn't sound sappy or douchey?

I can't believe I'm wasting a question on this either but there it is.

All I can think of is "crush it bro" or "crush it dude" which ... i kinda hate on the basis of how fratty they sound. The goal is to give a little lift of HEY YOU, YOU'RE AWESOME and GET OUT THERE AND CONQUER when you see them. I also thought of "hey there handsome" but I'd prefer if it wasn't all image-oriented.

Any ideas from you smart wordsmiths?
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"do it dude"?
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I think one word says it best:
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"Dude, You Got This"
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My first thought was something with the Kool-Aid Man, because the way he says "Ohhh yeahhh!" really epitomizes masculinity to me.

Here's a sweet print of him bursting through the Berlin Wall.
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Seems like "You go, boy!" is the equal and opposite of "Get it, girl!"
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Does it have to refer to his gender? Just 'You got this!' seems enough for me.
If it does have to be gender specific, I'd suggest staying away from 'dude' or 'bro', because connotations, and go with 'boy', 'brother', 'man', 'amigo' or 'hombre', such as: "You got this, man!", &c.
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Seconding "You go, Boy."

Do it Dude is fun too but I feel like that matches 'Get it, Girl' better.
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Yeah, I was going for structural parallelism with "do it dude" but I change my vote to "you go, boy".
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Best answer: You are doing a fucking great job. And then just put a post-it note on there that says "DUDE!"
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Best answer: Way to go, bro?
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Best answer: Atta boy!
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I would argue that "get it, girl" is genderless.
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I've heard bros of a certain vintage say things like "Let's GO!" and "Let's DO THIS!". (I don't know what they say to themselves when they're alone. I also don't know that those aren't douchy.)
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This post has inspired me to use "It's me!" from Lord Flashheart, and put this in my bathroom.
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> "Let's DO THIS!"

This what a WOW player said before his famous battlecry "LEEROOOOOOOOOOYYY JENKINS!" (YTL) "Leeroy Jenkins" was a World of Warcraft character whose player was drunk and had no patience for the overly-detailed planning by his clan; he jumped the gun on their attack, getting his clan killed with the minute that followed. The cri de coeur is around the 1:20 mark, and you don't have to be a gamer to get the humor-- this is about the dissonance between a bunch of planners and a man who had to act. "Let's DO THIS!" is his call to action, and it's perfect for this.
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Forget "Let's DO THIS." The one you want is "LEEROOOOOOOOOOYYY JENKINS!"
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I like divined by radio's suggestion of "you are doing a fucking great job". With full knowledge and warning that this is a self-link, long ago I drew this thumbs-up "great job", and I still enjoy it to this day.

Not to pick on your question, but just to try to understand — are you specifically interested in the gendered pairing because you really like "get it girl"? Because you already have the "get it girl" print? Because having two prints works well for the layout of your bathroom?
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody! I think I'm going to go with either "atta boy" or a variant of "you got this man".

@ cardioid & others: It's funny because I'd actually had some of this written out in my original Q, and then deleted it because I didn't want to skew responses/perception.

I do feel the need for the companion piece to be gendered. I get the argument that "you go girl" doesn't have to read as gendered, but unfortunately it's also on a coral/pink-ish background (just the way it came, though it is also an accent color) which I think does pretty firmly put it into a traditionally-gendered category. Obviously there are arguments to be made about bucking those expectations but ... I also share this bathroom with my husband (and guests of all gender persuasions) and I don't know if its walls are the battleground I'd pick to play out unspoken-and-nuanced arguments about gender expectations & color. (Saving those for babycat's nursery, clothes, and toys. No joke.)

I was shying away from anything with "boy" in it because traditionally, "boy" has been used to connote a lack of maturity at best ("he's a boy, not a man") and to demean at worst. I KNOW that seems illogical because "girl" CERTAINLY has been used to infantilize women, but at the same time I think women have reclaimed the word in particular contexts (we use it toward each other and it's not an insult) in a way that men have not done with "boy". So "get it girl" seems empowering whereas "get it boy" doesn't. However, "attaboy" doesn't trigger those feeling for me -- maybe because it's kind of retro? -- so who knows.

Re: Leroy Jenkins -- while effing hilarious, the "dissonance between a bunch of planners and a man who had to act" is actually the opposite of what I want to feel when I read this. HOWEVER, I am now thinking of a "God damn it, Leroy" print (2:05 on the same video) for my office ... because that's how I feel 90% of the time.
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Response by poster: Oh! Oh! Or what do you guys think of "ROCK IT, MAN"?

Too punny? I would heroically resist using a picture of Shatner as the background.
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It would be acceptable if you used a pic of Bernie Taupin as the background.
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