How does Metacritic translate foreign language reviews?
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Who translates the blurbs that show up in the Metacritic review summaries?

Metacritic displays blurbs in English translated from reviews written in other languages. The translation does not appear to be machine-generated (that, or they are using one amazing machine language translator). For example, here you can see blurbs from reviews originally written in Czech, Dutch, Polish, Italian, French, Spanish, and Finnish, among others.

When you click on the review, it takes you the review written in the original language. Nowhere can you see a full translation of the review (or even which sentences were translated).

Who does this translation? Do they have their own in-house translators or do they farm it out to freelancers? Does the person who "converts" the review into a Metacritic score do it off the translated review, or do they have somebody fluent in the language "convert" the score?
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