Can Someone Please Translate This Latin Sentence?
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I urgently need this Latin sentence translated. Thank you!

I have an urgent need for this sentence to be translated, and would greatly appreciate someone's help. It is in Latin, however I believe that some of the words are spelled incorrectly, as I cannot find an accurate translation anywhere.

The sentence reads: "quin tu istanc orationem hinc veterem atque antiquam amoves?"

Thank you in advance for your help!
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Why don't you stop using that obsolete and ancient language of yours = Oh do stop using that obsolete ancient language !

I don't know much latin but came up with that, since you say it is urgent.
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It's from Plautus. One translation is "Why do you not give up these old and antiquated notions?"
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Another translation: "Away now with such antiquated stuff!"
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Thank you both so very much! I really appreciate it.
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It doesn't seem to be misspelled. Here's a published version, via Google Books.

Full English translation here.
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